1927nm Thulium Laser For Facial Wrinkle Removal

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Fractional Thulium Laser Treatment of Facial Wrinkles

The thulium laser owned by litonlaser is a fractional method with a wavelength of 1927/1940nm.

Thulium laser has many functions, including whitening, skin rejuvenation, hair growth, oil control, acne removal, lifting, and firming. Among them, in terms of anti-aging, wrinkle removal is one of the functions of thulium laser with very obvious effects.

In the optoelectronic training course of Huafei Liton Laser in June 2024, we conducted theoretical teaching on anti-aging and practical operation of thulium laser for the participants, so that the students can personally experience the wrinkle removal effect of thulium laser.
Many anti-aging machines, such as ultrasonic knives and ultrasonic guns, cannot perform anti-aging and wrinkle removal on the whole face, especially around the eyes. The position of the upper and lower eyelids is very fragile, and the eyes will be injured if you are not careful, so many machines cannot achieve anti-aging and lifting around the eyes.

1927nm Thulium laser skin wrinkle removal

However, thulium laser can achieve the removal of wrinkles on the lower eyelids. It is very safe and effective. The wrinkles on the lower eyelids are still dynamic wrinkles. Even if there are machines to improve wrinkles, the effect is still minimal. However, thulium laser can significantly improve the dynamic wrinkles around the eyes. Once a week, apply some anti-aging products after each use of thulium laser. After repeating the treatment for a few weeks, there will be very obvious improvement after two months.

In addition to removing wrinkles, 1927nm thulium laser can also treat acne and whiten the skin chin. For specific situations, you can watch the relevant video:https://youtu.be/SWSxaNGRvXw

The demand for thulium laser in the current beauty market has been increasing. Due to its multifaceted, universal and safe functions, it has been recognized and paid attention to by many beauty salons, beauty clinics, and medical institutions.

Litonlaser has been producing 1927nm thulium lasers for more than 6 years. It has perfect production technology and clinical experience. It can provide customers who purchase thulium lasers with relevant thulium laser instructions and clinical data guides.

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