PDT Red Light (640nm, 650nm) Promotes Hair Growth

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Red light stimulates hair regrowth

PDT equipment, also known as phototherapy equipment, mainly uses different wavelengths of different colored light, and the wavelength means the depth of light reaching the skin. Different skin depths have different stimulations on the human body, so they have different effects.

The red light of PDT mainly has a repair function, blue light is used to treat acne, and yellow light is used to improve quality sensitive skin and improve skin.

PDT 640 nm 650nm red light hair growth

In addition to repairing the skin, the red light of PDT also has the functions of improving insomnia and hair growth. Today, we will mainly introduce its hair growth function. The red light hair growth is mainly 640nm and 650nm wavelengths. There are many research articles on the Internet. Of course, after teaching and clinical practice by litonlaser training institutions, we also concluded that red light with a wavelength of about 640nm has a hair growth function, but it is not successful in one treatment. It requires two treatments per month, each time for about 20 minutes, with an energy of 20mj/cm2, and the effect will be seen in three months.

If you need a better hair growth effect, you can apply hair growth products, which will get better results.
PDT machine product page: https://www.litonlaser.com/product/five-colors-led-pdt-phototherapy-system/

PDT Red Light Hair Growth Video: https://youtu.be/hYmR5sp2Y0Y

Of course, PDT equipment is more of an auxiliary function, and its hair growth effect is not the main function. In the beauty machine industry, if you want to achieve better hair growth effects, thulium laser is still recommended!

1927nm thulium laser has a great stimulating effect on hair regeneration due to its characteristics of opening the microchannel function of the skin epidermis and the thermal diffusion effect.

Thulium laser to prevent hair loss

To learn more, thulium laser product page: https://www.litonlaser.com/product/1927nmlaser/

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