The 15W Power 1927nm Fractional Thulium Laser Promotes Hair Regrowth

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At the Thailand Beauty Show on June 16, 2024.

Litonlaser showed visitors the hair regrowth function of thulium laser.

Thulium laser has a thermal diffusion effect, which can continuously heat the dermis and stimulate the regeneration of collagen. Due to the fractional output method, the heating is more uniform and the effect is better.

Thulium laser also has the function of opening skin microchannels, which can allow tiny product ingredients to quickly pass through the epidermis and reach the deep skin. Therefore, when using thulium laser for scalp treatment, hair growth products can be imported in time during the process. Under the action of thulium laser, the ingredients of hair growth products can all pass through the epidermis and reach the root of the hair, stimulating the hair to grow new hair.

Fractional Thulium Laser to Prevent Hair Loss
Thulium laser treatment to promote hair growth is usually performed once or twice a month, each time for 10 to 20 minutes. The energy setting varies from person to person and people of different skin colors have differences. It can be adjusted appropriately until the customer feels a slight heat in the head. During the treatment, hair growth or other functional products should be applied every two minutes. The output pattern of thulium laser should be mainly fractional, and the output type should be random output.

Exhibition video of thulium laser hair regrowth treatment:

More technical information and photos of thulium laser:

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