Thulium laser at the Thailand exhibition, skin tightening and anti-aging around the eyes.

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The Thailand Beauty Exhibition in June 2024 will start on June 13th.


LitonLaser received customers at the f20 exhibition. As an exhibitor, we brought many beauty equipment, such as high-energy diode hair removal laser, IPL, tattoo removal equipment, EMS slimming machine, thulium laser, etc.

Among them, the 1927nm dot matrix thulium laser attracted the attention of the audience. Compared with those beauty technologies that have been around for more than ten years or more than 20 years, the emergence of thulium laser is a new technology in the beauty industry and has attracted the attention of many beauty industry people.

Thulium laser appears at Thailand exhibition
Thulium laser appears at Thailand exhibition

Many visitors came to ask about everything about thulium laser, and many people learned about this device for the first time. Litonlaser introduced thulium laser and invited visitors to experience the machine.

The most basic function of thulium laser is skin tightening and anti-aging. Litonlaser has also prepared repair products for customers who experience thulium laser. Thulium laser can open the skin channel. During the thulium laser process, you can apply products to get better anti-aging effects.

Video link of visitors experiencing thulium laser: 15W thulium laser skin tightening and anti-aging around the eyes at the Thailand exhibition.

As a beauty machine factory, Litonlaser began to pay attention to thulium lasers as early as 2016, and began research and development and production. In 2017, it conducted training and introduction of thulium lasers through its beauty equipment training center, and issued a book from entry to mastery of beauty machines, in which a large part of the book introduces thulium lasers.

Thulium laser handle
Thulium laser handle

We are all optimistic about thulium lasers, and in 2023, after having enough understanding of thulium lasers and summarizing the characteristics and indications of thulium lasers, we will start to promote thulium lasers to export trade, so that more people in the world of beauty industry will know about it and use thulium lasers.

For the most important clinical experience of thulium lasers, we have compiled parameter guidance and repair matching guides for various beauty projects of thulium lasers through 7 years of training and research data. We will provide them to thulium laser customers who purchase Litonlaser so that customers can get the best treatment effect.

For more information parameters, photos, and videos about thulium lasers, please go to the thulium laser product page:

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