Guangzhou Huafei Liton Tech. Co., Ltd 

Huafei Liton is a member of the Laser Processing Professional committee of the chinese Optical Society, a director unit of the Guangdong optical society, and has won the Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Certification.

Liton has four major sectors: medical aesthetic equipment research and develope,service, training and sonware develop.

Relying on the production, education and research strength of domestic universities,combined with market demand, R&D, design and production of various high-tech medical beauty equipment, dental orthodontic equipment, small household instruments, and is the only company in China that can achieve instrument networking and AI control.

Thailand Beauty Show, Beauty Machines

Professional Workshop

Worldwide Exhibition

Clinical Training Service

CO2 Laser Training
Machine Training Center5
Machine Training Center6
Thulium Laser Operation
Picosecond laser training
Machine Training Center7
Beauty equipment hospital training
Machine Training Center2
Machine Training Center3
Thulium Laser Operation1
Machine Training Center4
IPL Training

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