Thulium laser achieves hair regeneration and skin tightening

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15W power 1927nm wavelength fractional thulium laser.


Thulium is a trace element, and thulium laser is a laser with a wavelength of 1927nm to 1940nm. Thulium lasers are widely used in many industries, and their effects in the beauty industry are now gradually being opened up.


LITON laser is a 20-year-old beauty instrument supplier, and has recently been vigorously promoting thulium lasers.


The thulium laser power here is available in three options: 5W, 10W, and 15W. The shell also has portable and large thulium. Under normal circumstances, 5-watt thulium lasers are suitable for hair growth and skin rejuvenation, and 10-watt thulium lasers have stronger energy and are suitable for skin tightening and anti-aging repair. 15-watt thulium lasers are higher-energy devices, and usually only need to adjust very low energy to achieve basic whitening and skin rejuvenation functions. If the energy of the 15-watt thulium laser is fully turned on, a small CO2 laser can be obtained.

15W Thulium Laser
15W Thulium Laser Hair regrowth Anti-aging

Summary of the characteristics of thulium lasers:
1. Thulium lasers are often used to promote hair regrowth, skin whitening and anti-aging, face lifting and other functions.

2. Thulium laser has the function of opening skin microchannels, so during thulium laser treatment, using skin care products can allow the product ingredients to fully penetrate deep into the skin and achieve better results.

3. Thulium laser does not break the skin but only slightly breaks the skin, so the damage to the skin is relatively small, the energy is reasonably controlled, there will be no injury, and no recovery period is required.

4. Thulium laser has a true-epidermal effect and a thermal diffusion effect, which will have a good heating effect, promote the human body’s skin repair and regeneration mechanism, and promote the production of collagen.


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