1927nm Thulium Laser On-site Treatment at Türkiye Exhibition

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Thulium Laser Demonstrated at Türkiye Exhibition

1927nm laser can reach the dermis of the skin and can effectively achieve anti-aging effects.

The light output method is similar to the fractional CO2 laser, which is a matrix type light output.

LiTong Laser’s 1927 Thulium laser has three output modes, namely sequential scanning, random scanning, and continuous scanning. There are also a variety of output graphics to choose from.

The 15-watt Thulium laser bar ensures that the machine has sufficient energy. When the 15-watt power is turned to the maximum, the effect is the same as the fractional CO2 laser, so the Thulium laser can do all the functions of the fractional CO2 laser.

And the Thulium laser has a special effect, which can open the skin microchannels, allowing tiny ingredients to quickly pass through the epidermis and reach deep into the skin in a short time. Therefore, the Thulium laser can be combined with the product ingredients to make whitening, anti-aging, and moisturizing products more conducive to skin absorption and reflect the maximum effect of the product.

Due to the above circumstances, we brought 1927nm thulium laser to participate in the Turkish exhibition, attracting many new and old customers. Because the beauty market is very saturated now, only new beauty projects can be more attractive.

Many customers went to experience it. We gave many customers opportunities. Two customers are our old customers. They bought our diode hair removal machine before and praised it highly. This time, they saw that we launched a new product machine that is very popular recently – 1927nm thulium laser, and they can’t wait to experience and try it.
Detailed treatment video link:https://youtu.be/pLjptWjshB4?si=UAVXuGUnDEdUi_Jq

After the exhibition, one of our old customers was surprised by the anti-aging effect of thulium laser and sent us the before and after comparison photos. Through the pictures below, we can see that the anti-aging effect of thulium laser is not much different from the treatment effect of 6.78mhz RF machine.

Anti-aging is just one of the small functions of thulium laser. If you want to know more about thulium laser videos and photos, please click on the link:https://www.litonlaser.com/product/1927nmlaser/

If you want more information about thulium laser, please contact us. The phone number on the website has registered WhatsApp, please feel free to contact.

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