The trump card of hair removal project: high-power, multi-wavelength diode hair removal laser

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Are you still troubled by hair removal?

Summer is coming again, and lush hair makes the body even more uncomfortable, and the heat exists from the inside out.
In order to feel the freedom of coolness, hair removal projects have become a very popular beauty choice in summer.

For customers, they need to choose beauty salons with high-quality services and good hair removal effects; for beauty salons and clinics, they need a high-quality hair removal machine.

There are many hair removal machines. IPL machines can remove hair, and long-pulse lasers are sometimes used for hair removal, but what I recommend most is the diode hair removal machine.

 high-power diode hair removal laser

Diode hair removal is still the mainstream hair removal in the current market. Its principle is to reach the deep of the hair follicle through the laser, and use the photothermal effect to burn and remove the hair from the deep of the hair follicle. For the hair removal project of diode hair removal equipment, the three most important factors are wavelength, power and cooling and heat dissipation.

Huafei Litong Laser is an original manufacturer with more than 20 years of history in the production of beauty instruments. Among them, the most proficient and the most sold machine is the diode hair removal equipment.

1. Wavelength. The diode laser of LiTong Laser can have up to four wavelengths superimposed (755nm+808nm+940nm+1064nm). You can also choose three wavelengths (755+808/940+1064nm). You can also choose a single-wavelength 808nm. 808 is the gold standard wavelength for hair removal and is very effective for most people with different skin colors.

2. Power. The power here refers to the power of the laser bar, not the input power of the machine! For diode equipment, the laser bar is the most valuable part. The main reason why a machine is expensive is that the price of the laser bar is relatively high. The power of LiTong Laser’s diode hair removal equipment is 600 watts, 800 watts, 1200 watts, 2400 watts, etc. The most popular choices for customers are 600 watts and 1200 watts. The 600-watt diode hair removal equipment is usually portable and suitable for beauty salons with a small number of customers and frequent movement. The 1200-watt hair removal is the current mainstream in the market. This power can achieve the effect of rapid hair removal and the best effect.

3. Cooling and heat dissipation. LiTong Laser’s diode laser uses air cooling and water cooling to cool the machine, and the water cooling is separate from the circuit cooling to achieve dry and wet separation. In addition, there is also chip cooling in the machine handle, which can make the handle and the customer’s contact area reach 0 degrees cold feeling. Combined with cold gel products, customers can remove hair in comfort.


If you want to learn more about LiTong Laser’s diode hair removal equipment, please click on the link to view the detailed pictures and videos of the machine, parameters and other information:

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