Large Thulium Laser Skin Rejuvenation System
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment2
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment1
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment handle
Large Thulium Laser Skin Rejuvenation System
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment2
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment1
15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment handle

15W Power Thulium Laser 1927+1550nm Equipment

15W Power Thulium laser Skin Rejuvenation Remove pigments And Improve Pigmentation Beauty Equipment

1927nm is suitable for shallow skin reconstruction, which can decompose the pigment of the dermis and improve the effect of post-inflammatory/photoelectric surgery pigmentation.

1550nm is suitable for deep skin reconstruction. This wavelength is usually used to improve skin problems such as rough skin, acne scars, and other surgical/traumatic scars.

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Portable Thulium Laser Skin Rejuvenation System1 Description

Valuable opportunities in thulium laser therapy:

Insert effective skin care products

  1. Thulium laser has a good true-epidermal effect, which can cause slight controllable thermal coagulation and micropore effect on the epidermis immediately after treatment, partially destroy the skin barrier, and cause focal thermal denaturation and irritation.
  2. Fractional laser will open the local barrier microchannels of the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and produce very good transdermal absorption. Moreover, after the treatment, there is no obvious trauma, and the skin recovers and repairs quickly, which is easy for customers to accept. This window period of barrier opening should be fully utilized. According to the treatment required by the customer’s skin, large molecular weight multi-functional skin care products can be introduced to achieve a superimposed comprehensive beauty effect.

What is a Thulium laser (Tm: YAG)?

  1. Thulium-yttrium-aluminum garnet (Tm: YAG) single-doped to form a thulium-yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Thulium-yttrium aluminum garnet) can emit infrared lasers with a wavelength of 1927nm-1940nm. Thulium lasers are non-ablative lasers and long-pulsed infrared lasers that can be used for safe cosmetic treatments on the face.

1927nm fractional thulium laser applications:

  1. Anti-aging, skin lifting and firming, wrinkle removal
  2. Skin Whitening and brightening, melasma and other PIH lightening.
  3. Pores shrink, oil-control, acne removal ,and anti-inflammation
  4. Shrink eye bags, lift eyelids, lighten dark circles.
  5. Redden areola, rejuvenate private mucous membrane
  6. Maintain calp healthy, anti-hair loss and stimulates hair growth
  7. Open skin barrier and delivery functional ingredients in depth.
  8. Improve overall skin health and radiant appearance

1927nm Thulium Laser (Tm: YAG)Applications and Indications:

  1. Treatment of static wrinkles (nasolabial lines, Indian lines, canthus lines, etc.)
    Its core principle is to stimulate the growth of collagen fibers in the dermis, reorganize the fiber structure, and flatten the concave wrinkles, so as to achieve the purpose of wrinkle removal.
  2. Treats acne (anti-inflammatory)
    The core principle of thulium laser in the treatment of skin inflammation is that the high temperature of the laser kills some pathogenic bacteria in the skin, and at the same time promotes blood circulation, improves skin metabolism, and achieves the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory.
    The skin with acne has obvious inflammation, and there are a large number of anaerobic bacteria in the skin: Propionibacterium acnes. At this time, the use of thulium fractional laser treatment opens the skin channel, and at the same time, it cooperates with the treatment of Boleda supramolecular salicylic acid. Treatment, after treatment, can play a role in reducing inflammation and sterilization.
  3. Treatment of predominant vascular chloasma
    Thulium laser in the treatment of predominant vascular chloasma, the principle of treatment is to protect the dermis and avoid irritation. The thulium laser has a deep penetration depth, which can protect the dermis, reduce inflammation, and thus reduce pigmentation. At the same time, it is matched with Boleda’s niacinamide essence or Stoney’s anhydrous vitamin C product to repair, and insist on regular treatment. The spots will be lightened to some extent.
  4. Treatment of enlarged pores and oil control

Conclusions on 1927nm fractional thulium laser:

immediacy, safety, extensiveness

  1. Fractional thulium laser has excellent safety in skin laser beauty due to its inherent characteristics of wavelength-skin water absorption coefficient, so it can be widely used in skin beauty needs of various people of color.
  2. It is the preferred laser device for 3D mesodermal whitening and anti-aging treatment. It has many applications, including repair, anti-inflammatory, skin brightening, treatment of active and inflammatory pigmentation spots, lightening of dark circles, anti-wrinkle, acne, acne marks, post-acne scars, oil control, and hair growth promotion, covering the current mainstream beauty market needs.
1927NM Technical Specification
Wavelength 1927nm
Laser power 15W
Output mode Line-by-line/

Random continuous/

Random single

Dimensions 42*48*107cm
Pulse energy 0.5-300mj
Pulse width 1~20ms
Output type dot-matrix
Beam Delivery Fiber
Net Weight 25kg
15W Vertical 1927+1550nm Fiber Laser Details

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