1927nm fractional thulium laser promotes hair regrowth and prevents hair loss

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The beauty industry also has a huge demand for hair care!

Human hair plays a very important role, but if the hair is too long, it will hinder movement and dissipate heat poorly, so hair removal is a very popular beauty project.

Since there is a demand for hair removal, on the contrary, hair growth is also needed by many people. When we talk about hair regeneration, we generally refer to the hair on the head.

Now many projects and products have hair growth functions, but many of the effects are not satisfactory. There are many reasons. Some are because there is no hair at the root of the hair follicles on the head, which is a very difficult situation. Some are because the ingredients of the hair growth product have not completely entered the hair follicles, and the hair follicles are not absorbed enough, so the hair growth effect is not good. So is it possible to use an instrument to help the hair growth product absorb better?


There is a 1927nm fractional thulium laser. Through clinical trials and a large number of studies, it has been proved that the fractional thulium laser can help products promote hair regeneration! (Remember to use fractional thulium laser)

So fractional thulium laser + hair growth products (all hair growth products are OK, and growth factors can also be applied) can promote hair regeneration. This project is very needed in Europe, because many hair growth projects are mainly to go to the hospital to use hair transplant technology, but for hair transplant, we need to know that not everyone can do it, and we need to continue testing, and some people are not suitable. And the hair after hair transplant belongs to other tissues, not the hair of the original hair follicle. However, the hair regeneration formed by thulium laser combined with hair growth products stimulates the regeneration of the original hair follicles, which is better.

Thulium laser hair growth information

If you use thulium laser alone, you can also prevent hair loss. If there are still small hairs at the root of the hair follicle, it can also promote hair growth. Then the wavelength of thulium laser is 1927nm, which can reach deep into the hair follicle. After our students’ experiments, once a month, there will be an effect in three months.

For the specific operation and parameters of the thulium laser hair growth project, we have rigorous experiments and have achieved success. If you are interested in it, you can contact us at any time.

1927nm Thulium Laser Machine Information and Video URL: https://www.litonlaser.com/product/portable-thulium-laser-skin-rejuvenation-system/

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