1927nm Thulium Laser Anti-Aging Skin Tightening and Lifting

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Iranian customers have obvious anti-aging beauty effects


Anti-aging is the focus of beauty needs. It mainly refers to lifting the skin on the face, making the skin firm and younger.

The anti-aging process, from a microscopic point of view, is to stimulate the proliferation of collagen fibers and collagen in the dermis and accelerate its metabolism.

The 1927 thulium laser method is to stimulate the division and proliferation of fibroblasts located in the dermis and accelerate its ability to synthesize collagen fibers.

1927nm thulium laser anti-aging before and after photos

1. To understand how 1927nm thulium laser can be used for anti-aging and face lifting, you need to first understand the fiber structure of the facial dermis.

Collagen fibers: the main material that supports our beautiful face. Collagen fibers in the dermis account for 70% of the total weight of the dermis, mainly type I collagen. The dried fibers are roughly white. What everyone says about “stimulating collagen regeneration and proliferation” is mainly to stimulate type I collagen fibers.

The direction of these fibers is almost parallel to the plane of the skin, so if they are tight and dense, our skin surface will look elastic and will not sag. However, as we age, the structure of collagen fibers will become loose and sparse due to ultraviolet damage, and our faces will become loose, wrinkled, gradually lack elasticity, and lose luster.

Therefore, whether it is self-growth or exogenous provision of collagen to the body, it can promote the growth and regeneration of this part of the tissue and resist the aging face.

Elastic fibers: Elastic fibers are mainly distributed in the scalp area, facial dermis, etc. Because they are very elastic, they are called elastic fibers. They are entangled between collagen fiber bundles and are also parallel to the epidermis. Elastic fibers and collagen fibers together maintain the tension and shape of the skin.

Reticular fibers: Most of this type of fiber is type III collagen. This type of fibrin is very rare in normal human bodies and mainly appears in the embryonic period. However, it has a very important feature, that is, a large amount of type III fibrin proliferates when the wound heals.

The generation of this fiber comes from the bone marrow, not directly from the surrounding fibroblasts. Therefore, in the process of wound healing, if type III collagen fibers can be supplemented exogenously, it can effectively assist the body and accelerate wound repair.

2. With a wavelength of 1927nm, thulium laser can reach a sufficient depth of the skin, and the heat can reach the dermis.

The structure of the skin includes several main parts, namely the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, which is a kind of “composite material” with depth.

To stimulate the proliferation of collagen fibers, our laser penetration depth must be sufficient to reach the dermis, and through the photothermal effect, the original aging and loose tissue can be slightly damaged, stimulating fibroblasts to synthesize more fresh collagen fibers.

The wavelength of thulium laser is sufficient to reach the dermis. The light/thermal effect can be used to penetrate to the depth of the dermis, provide sufficient thermal pain stimulation, and promote tissue proliferation through nerve feedback.

If 1927 thulium laser + 1550 Er laser are used, dual-wavelength lasers for anti-aging and whitening will have better results. Litonlaser has now developed 1927+1550nm lasers. If you are interested, please contact us at any time.

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