1927nm Thulium Laser Treatment Of Acne And Comparison Before And After Acne Removal

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Irish Customers Use 1927nm Thulium Laser To Treat Acne.


Litonlaser is a professional thulium laser 1927nm beauty machine supplier. 1927nm laser is a new beauty technology with many functions, such as whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, hair growth, etc.

Acne removal is one of the very important functions. As a manufacturer, we have sold a lot of thulium laser equipment.

In 2023, a customer from Ireland purchased our 1927 thulium laser for acne treatment projects and achieved great success, and gave extremely high feedback and evaluation.

Before and after treatment of acne with 1927nm thulium laser
Before and after treatment of acne with 1927nm thulium laser

If you want to know how 1927nm thulium laser removes acne, you must first have a certain understanding of thulium laser.

1. The basic process of 1927nm fractional thulium laser entering the skin.

In the process of penetrating the skin, the 1927nm laser must be gradually attenuated and absorbed from the epidermis to somewhere in the dermis, because it is a long-pulse laser, which mainly manifests as a thermal effect.

From practice and testing, we know that the thermal effect is mainly in the middle layer of the dermis, and the epidermis, due to its low water content, will not be damaged by strong temperature rise during the heating process.

Therefore, when receiving treatment, customers will feel that the heat of 1927 is “very internal”. After the treatment, customers rarely have edema and damage, and only have transient slight redness of the skin.

2. The effect of thulium laser deep in the skin.

After the treatment, the skin will produce a series of lasting effects.

The first is that the water in the epidermis is heated and heated, causing some proteins to “micro” coagulate, which will simultaneously damage the melanin due to heat, and then be gradually discharged from the body surface and metabolized by macrophages in the body. This is the pigment removal function of 1927 thulium laser.

Second, because it penetrates into the dermis and slightly stimulates the dermal papillary layer, it can accelerate the synthesis of collagen and stimulate the division of keratinocytes. Therefore, 1927 thulium laser has the function of skin rejuvenation.

Third, using the deeper thermal effect, it can effectively kill Propionibacterium acnes and inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands. This is why it can remove acne.

1927nm Thulium laser 1550 Erbium glass laser water absorption coefficient

1550nm/1927nm lasers are located in the near-infrared spectrum range, which are two small peaks of water absorption. In comparison, water absorbs only 1/6 of CO2 for 1927 thulium lasers.

Therefore, under the premise of safe treatment energy, 1927+1550nm lasers may have a deeper effect on the skin than CO2, and avoid vaporization and charring reactions, that is, avoid damaging skin tissue, and will not stimulate the activity of melanin.

Under this premise, the 1927nm thulium laser is mainly used for thermal coagulation rather than exfoliation and vaporization. It can be considered a safer infrared laser, so it has a broader application prospect.

Litonlaser is also building micro-websites on other platforms, such as https://sites.google.com/view/litonlaser/ and https://litonlaser.weebly.com/

We also launched new dual-wavelength beauty equipment. If you want to know more about 1927nm Thulium + 1550nm Er double wavelength laser equipment, you can contact us through the website.

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