1927nm Thulium Laser Fractional Output Skin Beauty Equipment

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1927nm thulium laser is a relatively new beauty technology.

In June 2024, Litonlaser opened a thulium laser beauty instrument training course. The three-day machine training training is a systematic training on the three functions of thulium laser: removing acne, whitening the skin of the face and chin, and anti-aging and firming the eyelid area around the eyes.

1.1927 thulium laser removes acne. Since the wavelength of the thulium laser is 1927nm, its laser depth can reach the dermis, and it can directly heat and remove acne bacteria. For target cells and tissues with inflammatory reactions, the relevant cells can be damaged by heat, so that the body’s internal immune system can pay attention to this faster and speed up repair. Since the thulium laser also has the function of opening the skin epidermis for a short time, acne treatment products containing ingredients such as salicylic acid and arbutin can be applied during the treatment process. Through internal and external merging, the repair process will be accelerated.

1927nm thulium laser for acne treatment skin anti-aging and eye periphery treatment
1927nm thulium laser for acne treatment skin anti-aging and eye periphery treatment

2.1927 thulium laser improves the skin condition of the chin. Thulium laser has the most basic whitening function. When the skin condition is not good and too much pigmentation is accumulated, thulium laser can be used for treatment. The water absorption coefficient of thulium laser is not high, so it will absorb pigment cells first. By setting the appropriate parameter energy, the melanocytes on the surface of the skin can be removed first without destroying the water molecules, so as to achieve smooth skin condition, remove pigments, and make the skin surface delicate and white, but at the same time there will be no pain. It is one of the high-quality ways to whiten the skin and improve the facial condition.

3.1927 Thulium laser anti-aging and firming of the lower eyelid. The topic of anti-aging is a very popular beauty demand. Everyone hopes and pursues a younger skin. Fractional thulium laser, like fractional CO2 laser, can make the skin younger, remove wrinkles, and achieve anti-aging effects. The basic principle is that the wavelength of thulium laser is sufficient to reach the dermis. The target cells in the wrinkle area are stimulated by laser heating. When the critical value of protein deterioration is reached, the skin repair and regeneration mechanism will be activated, so that the skin will produce a large amount of collagen in this skin area. Fresh collagen is a high-quality expression of delicate skin condition.

The achievements of thulium laser in anti-aging are essentially different from ordinary anti-aging machines. Many beauty devices, such as hifu and ultrasonic gun, are not for anti-aging of the whole face. They need to avoid the skin of specific neurons, so anti-aging is not for the whole face, especially anti-aging around the eyes. Many beauty machines cannot achieve this, but thulium laser can. Due to the thermal diffusion effect of thulium laser, the heat of the dermis will be slowly transferred back to the epidermis and then dissipated, so it will not cause damage to the dermis. As long as the energy is not very strong, it can be used for anti-aging and lifting of the whole face without any danger.

This training is to introduce the characteristics of 1927nm thulium laser and specific practical operation. If you are interested in the operation, you can watch the video – 1927 thulium laser anti-aging, acne removal, skin rejuvenation video.

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