1927nm Fractional Thulium Laser Training and Teaching | June 2024 Litonlase

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1927nm Thulium Laser Professional Clinic Staff Teaching Training Course

Litonlaser conducted centralized training for clinic surgical students who signed up for the photoelectric beauty training course on June 28, 2024. The beauty machine studied in this period is a 1927nm Thulium laser, 15w power, portable, and a wavelength of 1927nm+1550nm dual-wavelength machine.

1. Theoretical teaching, learning the principles and functions of beauty machine

Theory should guide practice. Only by learning the principles and characteristics of Thulium laser can we know the functions and characteristics of the machine.

Then we will understand the indications and precautions of thulium laser. We will take some functions of thulium laser, such as thulium laser anti-aging, thulium laser hair growth, thulium laser skin tightening, etc., as specific research objects one by one, as specific operation cases, and tell students from the theoretical guidance why this effect can be achieved and this beauty demand can be met. Secondly, we need to set the parameters of the treatment process.

For machines with different power, different treatment effects, and different patient conditions, we need to adjust different parameters, such as the energy, power, pulse width, pattern shape, and output mode (regular, random, continuous) of 1927nm thulium laser. Then, we need to control the distance during the treatment of thulium laser, such as the height from the thulium laser treatment head to the skin, and then output back and forth until the skin shows an end point reaction.

For these, our training courses will provide detailed specific numbers. These guidance parameters and usage teaching of thulium laser are obtained by our Litonlaser clinical experiments for more than 5 years, which are very safe and reliable.

1927nm Fractional Thulium Laser Training and Teaching
1927nm Fractional Thulium Laser Training and Teaching
2. Students begin thulium laser treatment training

After theoretical learning and clinical experience sharing in the morning, the most important practical stage came in the afternoon. The most important purpose of the students who came to the clinic to participate in the course was to master the thulium laser and then deal with various treatments.

Through the morning training and learning, the students probably already knew the settings of various parameters and the precautions for treatment. For safety, the Litonlaser training teachers will also provide guidance and answer questions. The students take turns to learn and operate. The training teachers will protect safety and provide guidance on irregular operations. Every student will receive standard guidance and benefit a lot.

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