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1927nm Thulium laser is a relatively new beauty technology.

In fact, as early as 2017, Litonlaser had already conducted research and development of 1927nm fractional thulium laser in China, and opened a clinical research institution in China to study the indications and optimal effect parameter ranges of major beauty machines.

The purpose is to collect clinical data on the beauty machines produced by our company to ensure that we can provide valuable, safe and reliable machine treatment parameters to various customers who will cooperate with Litonlaser in the future, so that users who purchase our machines can have a data guide manual to safely carry out beauty treatments and obtain the best results.

1927nm Thulium Laser Manufacturer

1. We have very professional research on 1927nm Thulium laser.

So far, the treatments that 1927nn laser can provide include: whitening, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, skin tightening, hair regrowth, face lifting, acne removal, pigmentation treatment, acne pit removal, wrinkle removal, import products, etc.

For each of these treatments, we have researched and recommended parameter ranges. Moreover, 1927nm thulium laser can also be combined with other beauty projects (IPL, picosecond laser) for superimposed treatment. Since thulium laser can open the skin channel, the ingredients of the product can completely enter the deep skin. Therefore, I suggest that if there are companies that mainly sell skin care products, they can also try 1927nm thulium laser. Applying anti-aging and whitening products through thulium laser treatment will make the effect very obvious, making product customers more satisfied and buying more skin care products.

2. For the research on 1927nm thulium laser, we also found several characteristics of it.

1. Thulium laser has the characteristic of opening epidermal channels.
2. Thulium laser has true-epidermal effect.
3. Thulium laser has thermal diffusion effect.
4. Thulium laser has two forms: non-ablative and Micro-ablative.

Each characteristic has its unique use, and better beauty treatment and project matching can be carried out.

If you are interested in 1927nm thulium laser and want to know more machine photos, videos and parameters, please contact us in time through the website.
Litonlaser [Website] https://www.litonlaser.com/

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