Cavitation + RF Slimming And Weight Loss Equipment

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Slimming and losing weight has always been a very popular beauty topic.

There are many types of beauty machines for body shaping and slimming, such as cryolipolysis machines, vacuum negative pressure machines, and high RF machines. These types of machines are very good, but because their working principles require a lot of energy, they are often large machines.

But there will always be people who need small, portable devices, so you can consider cavitation equipment, and if you add RF, the effect will be better. Litonlaser has cavitation + RF slimming equipment, and the performance is stable. There will be no problems such as energy decay within three years.

Cavitation + RF slimming and weight loss equipment

Cavitation + RF slimming equipment is equipped with four handles for different parts, and has continuous RF output. When the cavitation frequency reaches 40khz, it will achieve excellent results.
Quadrupole RF cavitation technology will rotate the water molecules in the fat at high speed, and then discharge the fat. While the effect is good, you will also get a better experience.

1. Machine Principle

Cavitation RF slimming beauty equipment, combined with ultrasound and quadrupole radio frequency technology, the principle of ultrasonic lipolysis uses high-frequency, high-energy focused ultrasound targets to focus on the subcutaneous 1.5cm-1.0cm-0.7cm fat layer to break the fat cells, and then let the emulsified fat cells be excreted from the body with our own metabolism to achieve the effect of slimming. In quadrupole radio frequency, the current only flows through a very short distance between the two electrodes without the need for a loop electrode. The distribution of the current is easy to control and can act on the deep and epidermal skin. Without the need for anesthesia, the treatment effect is guaranteed while improving safety.

2. Main functions

1). Fat decomposition, body shaping.
2). Tighten the skin and improve sagging.
3). Treatment of orange peel fat.
4). Promote metabolism and blood circulation.
5). Improve stretch marks.

3. Machine advantages

1. Quadrupole radio frequency technology, deep heating, point-surface combination.
2. Ultrasonic dissolution and blasting fat.
3. Perfect combination of radio frequency and fat blasting technology.

Litonlaser is a manufacturer, factory and supplier with 20 years of experience in beauty equipment production. We have been selling cavitation RF slimming machines for many years. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. And we have recently launched a new beauty technology, 1927nm thulium laser, which is a fractional laser that can do all the functions of CO2 lasers and can also open skin channels and import products to give full play to the efficacy of the products. We strongly recommend beauty salons and clinics to buy them to maximize the efficacy of the products.

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