IPL devices commonly used for hair removal and skin rejuvenation

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The full name of IPL is Intense Pulsed Light.


This is a type of light with a wavelength range of 400-1200nm. It is not a laser, but a unique type of light.

But no matter what type of light it is, it will have a wavelength, which is related to the depth of the skin it reaches. Due to the photothermal effect, light energy will be converted into heat energy, which will heat the skin and affect the target cells of the human body. For example, in the target cells of the dermis, when the target tissue is heated to a certain degree, it will stimulate the body’s self-regeneration mechanism, thereby promoting the proliferation of new cells. This process of accelerating metabolism and stimulating the formation of new cells is the effect that anti-aging needs to achieve.

Back to the point, for IPL, not all band ranges are commonly used. We know that IPL machines are generally used to achieve two functions, the first is hair removal, and the second is skin rejuvenation.

IPL devices hair removal and skin rejuvenation
The IPL equipment of Litong Laser provides multiple band ranges and is equipped with multiple handles or replaceable wavelength filters. The two most commonly used band handles are: 695 handle (wavelength range: 695-1200nm) and 560 handle (wavelength range: 560-1200nm.


The 695 handle, also called the hair removal handle.has a wavelength range from 695nm to 1200nm. We also know that the wavelengths with the best hair removal effect are 808nm and 1064nm, and these two bands are within the wavelength range of the 695 handle, so the commonly used IPL hair removal handle is the wavelength from 695-1200nm. This is also the experience of Litong Laser in more than 20 years of business and selling multiple IPLs. The handle of this band is the most suitable for hair removal among IPL devices.


The 560 handle, also called the skin rejuvenation handle.has a wavelength range of 560nm to 1200nm. This handle has a wider range and a lower wavelength. This is because skin rejuvenation does not need to reach the hair follicles, but only needs to be heated in the epidermis to make the human body slightly hot, stimulate the production of collagen, accelerate metabolism, and make the skin smoother.

For other types of handles, there are also unique uses. Different wavelengths reach different depths of the skin and can achieve different effects, but the two main uses of IPL are the two functions mentioned above.


Some people may wonder, diode hair removal machines can also remove hair, so what is the difference between them and IPL hair removal?

There are actually differences. First of all, diode hair removal belongs to the laser category. It has a single wavelength, while IPL belongs to a band. For hair removal effect, if you are a white European, you can use both. If you are a darker skinned person, diode hair removal will be better. However, since IPL hair removal uses a wavelength range, it not only removes hair, but also has a whitening effect. Another reason is about customs. Some countries have strict supervision on laser instruments, so you can choose IPL equipment for hair removal.

To learn more about IPL equipment details, please go to the product page:https://www.litonlaser.com/product/optdpl-muti-service-platform/

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