New high-power portable tattoo removal equipment, one-time tattoo removal

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LiTon Laser’s latest professional tattoo removal machine


Using 1 lamp 2 Rods, the small machine can also exert high power and achieve tattoo removal in one go.

Tattoos are very popular among some people now. The cool appearance and unique meaning make many young people unable to stop. Therefore, many young men and women will choose tattoos. But many things have opposites. Since there is a tattoo industry, there will also be the choice of tattoo removal.


It may be because of many reasons that many people will feel headache about tattoos after growing up, so they need to remove tattoos, or it may be that the previous tattoos are not good-looking and need to be removed. Regardless of the reason, tattoos and tattoo removal often exist at the same time.


For the principle of tattoo removal, perhaps many people don’t know much. If you are engaged in the beauty industry, you may also know that we usually use picoseconds, nanoseconds, Q-SWITCHED NDYAG LASER to remove tattoos. In fact, these technical machines mentioned above belong to the same principle-pigment explosion principle.

New Tattoo Removal Devices
The so-called pigment blasting refers to the use of high-energy laser beams to continue to indiscriminately hit a specific area. The target cells of laser in the human body are pigments, water, hemoglobin, and most importantly, pigment cells, especially melanocytes. Then the energy is released in a short time to disperse the pigment, and then the pigment is removed with metabolism.


For tattoo removal, 532 and 1064nm wavelengths are commonly used. The 532 wavelength is used to hit light tattoos, and the 1064nm has stronger penetration and is suitable for removing dark tattoos.


For tattoo removal equipment, the most important two indicators are the pulse width of the machine and the energy of the machine. Narrow pulse width means that the laser acts on the human skin for a relatively short time, and high energy means that the energy of the machine’s beam is relatively strong. When the tattoo removal machine achieves these two points, it will get the best treatment effect.


The latest portable high-power professional hair removal device launched by Litong Laser is very suitable. Its pulse width is only a few nanoseconds, and it uses 1 lamp 2 Rods, which is twice the energy of the traditional portable one. When a portable portable machine has the energy and pulse width of a large machine, its value is unquestionable!


The machine needs to do three things: effective, fast, and safe! These three are what every tattoo removal machine needs to do. As a manufacturer that has been producing machines for more than 20 years, Liton Laser has a very good control over these three indicators.

If you need to know more information parameters and videos about this machine, you can click on the product page:

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