CO2 fractional laser with a wavelength of 10600nm is used for anti-aging and treatment of acne scars.

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There are many types of CO2 lasers.

Different types of CO2 lasers have different effects on the skin.

Among them, in the beauty industry, the most popular type of CO2 laser is the fractional type. The output beam of the fractional CO2 laser is a regular dot size. This output method is conducive to uniform light reception of the skin, and the wavelength is usually selected at 10600nm. The laser of this wavelength has strong penetration and can reach the dermis completely. The dermis is also an important position for beauty and anti-aging, so CO2 laser can be used for anti-aging.

The fractional CO2 laser is divided into two types, exfoliation and non-exfoliation. The exfoliation fractional laser usually directly breaks up the epidermis, and the laser irradiates from the epidermis to the dermis. It belongs to the epidermal-dermal effect, which will indiscriminately exfoliate the skin, thereby regenerating the skin.


CO2 fractional laser has many functions. In the beauty market, first, facial anti-aging and lifting, heating the dermis, so that the skin regeneration mechanism is activated, and the production of collagen is promoted. Collagen is also divided into two types, type I collagen and type III collagen. Collagen is a key indicator of whether the human skin is firm.

Second, remove acne scars. Many people have many pits and bumps on their faces. There are many reasons for the pits, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they will affect the beauty and overall image, so instruments are needed to remove them. In the beauty industry, the best removal machine is CO2 fractional laser, because the laser with a wavelength of 10600nm can peel off the epidermis in pieces, so that the face with acne scars can be completely removed, and then a perfectly flat epidermis can be regenerated.

In addition to the beauty market, fractional CO2 lasers are also often seen in the medical industry. Because of their unique wavelength and peeling function, they can play a role in surgical operations. They are commonly used in the treatment of warts, seborrheic keratosis, syringoma, miliary rash, stretch marks, laser hair transplantation and other operations. Of course, the above requires certain conditions, and there are requirements for the machine and the operator. First of all, the machine must be a fractional type, with a wavelength of 10600nm, and the laser power must reach 100 watts. The operator needs to be a doctor with a little experience, and needs to be stable and fast.

The CO2 laser of Huafei Liton Laser just meets these conditions. The wavelength is the standard 10600nm, and it is also a fractional type. There are multiple options for the output pattern, and the power can also be selected from 30W, 60W, and 100W, which is suitable for various types of operators and hospitals, clinics, and beauty salons.

And for inexperienced customers, we will also provide training and teaching, and there will be professional institutions to organize data. In addition to the most basic machine maintenance and use, there is also a copy of the machine’s clinical data for customers to refer to, which is very well considered. And we have 20 years of experience in selling CO2 lasers, the machine is stable, and the output is safe.

CO2 laser also has a very special function, called vaginal contraction and vaginal tightening. Huafei Liton Laser’s CO2 equipment can be equipped with this function, with a special contraction tube. And parameter reference can be provided.

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