Comparison between CO2 fractional laser and 1927nm fractional thulium laser

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There are many types of CO2 lasers and thulium lasers.

In the beauty industry, the most popular ones are fractional CO2 lasers and fractional thulium lasers.
Is there any relationship between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


1. In principle.
The wavelength of fractional CO2 laser is 10600nm, which has an exfoliation effect and belongs to the epidermal effect! The laser wavelength is large and can penetrate deep into the skin. The laser starts to transfer energy from the epidermis to the dermis, so it will have a serious exfoliation effect on the epidermis.

The wavelength of fractional thulium laser is 1927nm, which has an exfoliation-micro-exfoliation effect. This depends on the energy. With high energy, it can achieve epidermal exfoliation effect. Contrary to CO2, thulium laser belongs to the epidermal effect! The laser first reaches the dermis, starts heating from the dermis, and then dissipates heat to the epidermis in turn. And thulium laser has a special effect: thermal diffusion effect! Its heat dissipation is relatively slow, and it will continue to feel heat, which can fully heat the surrounding target cells, so that the repair mechanism is activated and collagen is produced.

Comparison between CO2 fractional laser and 1927nm fractional thulium laser

2. In terms of application.
Fractional CO2 lasers are often used for anti-aging, acne removal, acne pit treatment, facial firming, skin rejuvenation, etc. In addition, they are also often used in surgical operations, equipped with a blade mode for cutting excess skin tissue, etc. If it is litonlaser’s CO2, it can also be equipped with a private mode for vaginal firming treatment.

Fractional thulium lasers can also be used for anti-aging, acne removal, facial lifting, skin rejuvenation, etc., and there is a saying that if the energy power is large enough, thulium lasers can be completely regarded as co2 lasers, but thulium lasers also have unique properties, such as assisting hair growth. In multiple studies, it has been shown that 1927nm fractional thulium lasers can have a good promoting effect on the regeneration of head hair! According to our Litong Laser training institution’s 5 years of thulium laser teaching training and clinical experience, it is concluded that if thulium lasers are used alone and there are still some fine hairs on the hair follicles on the head, treatment once a month, three courses of treatment, that is, three months later, hair will grow, which is often used to increase the hairline. If it is combined with products, the effect will be better. Thulium laser has a special effect, which is to open the skin microchannels and help the product enter the dermis better.


3. In terms of price.
The price of CO2 laser is usually determined by two situations. The first is the laser tube, which usually has two options, RF tube and glass tube. The second is determined by power. Usually 30W power is used to remove acne, rejuvenate and anti-aging, and 60W power is used to remove acne pits and proliferate substances. These two powers are suitable for beauty salons and personal use, while 100W and above power requires professional operation and is suitable for hospital surgeons. Non-professionals should not use it carefully. The price is lower than that of thulium laser.

The price of thulium laser is usually determined by power and laser bar. The higher the power, the more expensive the price, the stronger the energy, the better the quality of the laser bar, and the more stable and safe the output. Compared with CO2 laser, the price of thulium laser is much more expensive, mainly because of its unique characteristics and the need for a more powerful laser bar.


4. Skin effect.
After CO2 fractional laser treatment, the face is uniform with small dots, the face is red, and there is slight scab.
After Thulium laser treatment, the face is redder, but there is no obvious injury. It is safe and effective. At this time, you will get the most benefit by introducing products or applying masks.

To learn more about CO2 laser and Thulium laser, you can click on the product page links below to learn more.
Litonlaser CO2 laser product website: CO2 fractional laser.
Litonlaser Thulium laser product website: 1927nm Thulium laser.

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