Nanosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Pigment Removal

Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser Pigment Removal Tattoo Removal Machine

HF-503Q Nano laser compared to conventional Q-switched laser, it has a pulse width of only 6ns.
The treatment of the skin is mainly mechanical effect, through the principle of the light mechanical shock wave, the pigment crushes fine particles through focused energy, it is more easily metabolized by the body.
The pulse width output of 6ns can reduce the effect of thermal effect. It is also convenient to observe skin reactions during treatment. It is very effective in treating pores

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Nanosecond Laser Tattoo Removal System Description


  1. Melasma.
  2. Remove tattoos, such as eyeliner, and lip liner.
  3. Epidermal pigmented spots such as freckles and age spots.
  4. Acne pits, acne marks, and acne scars.
  5. Effective repair of sensitive skin, skin whitening, and rejuvenation.


  1. Output mode optional 1064nm, 532nm, double pulse output.
  2. Higher efficiency of pigment removal.
  3. Don’t damage the normal tissue.
  4. Stable beam shape with energy calibration ensures the emission of stable and uniform light spots.
Technical Specification
Laser type Solid-state laser
Wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Spot size 1-10mm(adjustable)
Pulse width 6ns±2ns
Beam-divergence angle  1mrad
Cooling system Enclosed internal circulation water cooling, external circulation of strong wind cooling
Input power 2200W(AC220V/10A, AC110V/20A)
Energy 1064nm 300-1200mJ(adjustable)
532nm 150~600mJ(adjustable)
Pulse frequency 1-10Hz(adjustable)
Indicated light wavelength  650nm


Nanosecond Laser Tattoo Removal System 4

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