OPT+SHR System
OPT+SHR System

OPT+SHR Device

OPT SHR Fractional Service Wrinkle and Hair Removal Skin Care Mchine

HF-501P is a new treatment model, specially developed for hair removal -“Equidistant continuous multi- pulse technology”. This technique shortens the treatment time of hair removal treatment, and it is 5-8 times faster than the normal E-light.
OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) Core Technology, uses the concept of three-dimensional technology: energy + pulse width + pulse waveform. Once OPT treatment is equivalent to 2-3 times the traditional technical treatment. This equipment can be used for skin whitening, shrinking pores, removing wrinkles and excess hair, pigment changes, and vascular changes.

OPT+SHR System Description


  1.  Skin whitening
  2.  Shrink pores
  3.  Remove wrinkle
  4.  Excess hair
  5.  Pigment change
  6.  Vascular change


  1. Adopt the new equidistant continuous multi pulse technology, so that the whole energy output is evenly distributed to multiple pulses, reducing side effects and ensuring a very comfortable treatment.
  2. The treatment head is equipped with 5 filters of different wavelength, which can treat different indications.
  3. Sapphire cooling head to increase the comfort of customers. Ergonomic design reduces the operator’s work and easy to operate.
Technical Specification
Laser type Intense Pulse Light
Laser wavelength 430nm/510nm/560nm/640nm/690nm

530nm/580nm/750nm Optional

Spot size 10*45mm
Cooling system Air cooling+Water cooling+Semiconductor cooling
Input power 1500W(AC220V/7A, AC110V/14A)

Normal Mode


Energy density : 10-30J/cm2
Pulse width : 1-9.9ms

Professional Mode

Energy density:10-30J/cm2
Pulse width: 1-9.9ms
Pulse interval: 5-65ms



Energy level: 1-10
Frequency: 1-10Hz

OPT+SHR System2 OPT+SHR System1

OPT+SHR System

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