Monopolar RF Machine, Skin Tightening, Anti-aging And Lifting, Suitable For Full Face Treatment

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The 6.78MHZ RF device looks similar to Thermage.

It also uses the best anti-aging frequency and monopolar method, which is conducive to the spread of microcurrent and RF throughout the body, achieving a perfect lifting effect.

As we age, the traces of time often leave indelible marks on our faces, such as wrinkles and facial sagging.
Anti-aging is a counterattack against this phenomenon. For anti-aging, we can divide it into two parts, lifting treatment and wrinkle prevention.

1. Lifting treatment means that if there are already wrinkles and sagging, we use the power of photoelectricity to reach the dermis of the skin, stimulate the body to produce collagen and apply growth factors, so that wrinkles and sagging parts are improved. This part of the situation generally requires a long time of treatment to get the effect, and if it is a static wrinkle, it is still easy to improve. If it is a dynamic wrinkle, it is more difficult to restore it to a flat state.

2. Wrinkle prevention means to prevent it in advance when it is in a relatively smooth state or when wrinkles are just beginning to form. Beauty also emphasizes prevention. In the case of prevention, it is easy to delay the arrival of aging and wrinkles. We often see that the skin condition of celebrities far exceeds that of ordinary people of the same age. Regular beauty and anti-aging is one of their secrets.

Monopolar RF Skin Tightening

There are many anti-aging products and projects on the market. In addition to RF equipment, there is also an ultrasound series. However, the ultrasound series requires better operability, otherwise it is easy to damage the nerves and cause medical accidents. Therefore, for effective and safe anti-aging photoelectric projects, RF machines led by Thermage are still recommended. LitonLaser’s monopolar RF is benchmarked against the original American Thermage fourth generation. From appearance to frequency, to monopolar form, they are all the same. The purpose is to achieve the best golden frequency for anti-aging and achieve the best anti-aging effect.

More information and videos of monopolar RF machines:

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