LED PDT Phototherapy System
Five colors of light LED PDT Phototherapy System
LED PDT Phototherapy System1
Five colors of light LED PDT Phototherapy System1
LED PDT Phototherapy System
Five colors of light LED PDT Phototherapy System
LED PDT Phototherapy System1
Five colors of light LED PDT Phototherapy System1

Five colors of light LED PDT Phototherapy System

LED PDT Light Beauty Machine High Power 3w per SLD color light.

Red light with a wavelength of 635nm can effectively reduce the number of inflammatory factors in neurotransmitters, reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings, and thus calm pain.

Blue light with a wavelength of 415nm is mainly caused by the re-action of Propionibacterium in the formation of acne. Blue light can effectively destroy this bacteria without damaging the skin tissue, thereby minimizing the formation of acne.

Yellow light with a wavelength of 590nm is at the peak of human hemoglobin absorption. After being absorbed by the skin, it can have a therapeutic effect on dilated capillaries, inhibit the high reactivity of blood vessels and nerves, enhance the skin’s resistance and tolerance, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

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LED PDT Phototherapy System1 LED PDT Phototherapy System1

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  1. PDT Red Light Hair Growth Video: https://youtu.be/hYmR5sp2Y0Y

Five-color PDT wavelength treatment theory:

  1. LED red light benefits: Repair, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Hair growth. Wavelength 635-670nm can be fully absorbed by fiber cells, enhance cell viability, repair damaged cells, promotes collagen production and elasticity, smooth the skin. Simultaneously, good treatment results can also be obtained in removing pigmentation and reducing sun damage.
  2. LED blue light benefits: Wavelength 470nm,when LED blue light illuminates acne, it can effectively apply almost all of its energy to the target, P. acnes. Eliminating P. acnes by stimulating porphyrins in the skin enzyme and release a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen species, thereby removing inflammation and acne. In addition, blue light can also inhibit the secretion of exuberant sebaceous glands and balance skin oil secretion. Not only can effectively remove acne, but also improve the problem of large pores.
  3. LED green light benefits: Wavelength 540nm, natural and soft light color has the effect of neutralizing and calming nerves, can improve anxiety or depression. It can regulate the function of skin glands, effectively clear the lymphatics to remove edema, improve oily skin, acne and so on.
  4. LED yellow light benefits: Wavelength 570-600nm stimulates collagen regeneration and whitens skin.It has an active effect of accelerating blood circulation, activating cells, and stimulating cell excitability; it can promote collagen synthesis, enhance collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, and terminate and stop the redness of the skin.
  5. LED Near-infrared benefits:Wavelength 800-900nm light relieves pain, promotes the growth of epithelial cells after trauma, promotes wound healing, and promotes the repair of eczema dermatitis.
    The Wavelength 580-850nm range of equipment has a certain effect on skin collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation and pore shrinkage.

Five-color PDT features and advantages:

  1. Medical-grade high-purity light source:Narrow spectrum light source, no side effects of stray light, pure light color; product light source life can reach 100,000 hours, high quality and reliable.
  2. Leading light source technology: imported medical high-power LED cold light source, stable light source output intensity, high light uniformity.
  3. High power density red light: 100mw/cm2, blue light: 110mw/cm2, yellow light: 50mw/cm2.
  4. The plane of the light source module can be rotated, and the arc between the light source modules can be adjusted: large area is evenly irradiated, small area is irradiated at multiple angles, fully meeting various clinical treatment needs.
  5. Humanized design: High degree of freedom of adjustment, improving the convenience of operation in the dermatology department.
  6. Significant clinical therapeutic effects:It can speed up the healing of wounds and ulcers, promote the growth of granulation tissue, and shorten clinical treatment time.

Five-color PDT wavelength treatment range:

  1. Remove wrinkles, and pigments on facial skin
  2. Skin Rejuvenation and anti-aging
  3. Recovery of injured skin:
  4. Smooth Lymph and Eliminate Edema.
  5. Improve oily skin, to reduce the chances of getting acne.
  6. Reducing cellulite
  7. Body contouring
  8. Teeth whitening

Clinical application of five-color PDT wavelengths:

  1. Dermatology:Skin herpes, eczema, dermatitis, melasma, allergic skin, etc.
  2. Wound repair:Trauma, orthopedics, surgery, burns and other difficult-to-heal wounds,Various ulcers, bedsores, diabetic wounds, fistulas and other chronic wounds.
  3. Rehabilitation therapy: treatment of various injuries, strains, sports injuries, and various pains.
Technical Specification
Laser type 3 colors LED
Wavelength 417nm(Blue light)+590nm(Yellow light)+633nm(Red light)


Optional wavelength

417nm(Blue light)+810nm(Near-infrared light)+633nm(Red light)
417nm(Blue light)+520nm(Green light)+633nm(Red light)
Treatment panel 4 pieces
Cooling System Strong air cooling
Screen 8 Inch LCD Color Touch Screen
Input Power 800W(AC220V/4A, AC110V/8A)
Energy 110mw/cm²
Working time 1-60min(Adjustable)

PDT red light hair growthLED PDT Phototherapy System

LED PDT Phototherapy System2









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