Participate in the Turkish Beauty Exhibition from June 15th to 17th, 2023

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We sincerely invite you to visit and try out our new beauty machines and feel our services at the exhibition.

This exhibition is held in Turkey. It is a professional beauty exhibition hall. The equipment manufacturers who signed up to participate come from more than 100 countries. The passenger flow at the exhibition mainly comes from Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and occasionally European customers visit.

Our Litong Laser exhibition information is HALL 10/B737. We sincerely invite you to visit and try out our new beauty machines and feel our services at the exhibition.

We carry a 60-watt CO2 fractional laser, which can be used for scar repair, facial anti-aging, acne removal, etc. We also carry IPL equipment for skin rejuvenation and melanin removal; and a 1200-watt power diode hair removal machine, which is fast hair removal mode.

You can choose your skin color type, hair color, and frequency to achieve precise hair removal results, and there are also Q-switching equipment for removing pigment spots and so on.

The beauty exhibition is not only a good opportunity for our equipment manufacturers to promote their brands to the outside world, but also allows buyers to truly experience the actual treatment effects and experience of the machines. It is a rare opportunity to increase suppliers and beauty projects. Chance. And if manufacturers or the market have new beauty needs, they can communicate in time to jointly create new beauty services and strive to provide the best beauty services.
We look forward to your arrival!

Türkiye Exhibition

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